MINEX ForumTM online event platform is flexible and can be tailored to specific requirements.

• Are you interested in sharing knowledge with participants and subscribers of the MINEX forum?
• Do you have an interesting topic which you want to discuss with members of the Eurasian Mining Community?
• Do you want to organise a presentation to hundreds of viewers and share materials with thousands?
• Are you interested in a presentation for a multilingual audience?
• Do you want to attract participants who are limited by budgets or time to participate in physical events?
• Do you want to organise an event with specific groups, companies or people?

Do you have an interesting topic you would like to discuss with MINEX Forum audience?

The MINEX Forum TV platform offers opportunity to organise discussions and interviews with experts, business leaders, civil servants, financiers and investors.

Participation in discussions for presenters and viewers is free.

Topics of discussions (or interviews) could either address wider issues or focus on areas interesting to specific groups of specialists.

Discussions and interviews can be organised in “Live broadcast” or “Pre-recorded” formats.

Do you want to make a presentation and share materials?

We offer MINEX Forum TV platform for recording and disseminating presentations in one of the following categories related to mining and exploration:

  • Innovation
  • Analytics and Research
  • Products or service presentation
  • Investment projects
  • Educational programs and lectures
  • Presentations can be organised in two formats.

Presentations can be organised in “Live broadcast” or “Pre-recorded” formats.

Do you want to create Your Own Event?

  • Branded virtual platform for your event, with built in audience engagement tools
  • Full support in building your virtual event – format, programme, content, speakers and more
  • The technical support to deliver a seamless visual and audio experience
  • An experienced ‘host’ to manage the event and engage your digital audience
  • Comprehensive post-event reporting
  • Support and communication with speakers and participants
  • Promotion to our extensive opt-in, GDPR compliant databases to deliver your required audience.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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