Highland Gold Mining

Highland Gold Mining is an established gold producer with a world class asset base and competitive cost structure. It has strong management and operational teams, with local and international expertise, an exciting portfolio of JORC-audited resources, and annual production of 290-300 thousand oz of gold and gold equivalents.

Highland Gold’s main operations are located in the Khabarovsk, Zabaikalsky and Chukotka regions of Russian Federation. The Company has 4 operating mines, two of which are located in Khabarovsk region – MNV and Belaya Gora; Novo in Zabaikalskiy region; and Valunistiy in Chukotka.

Highland Gold Mining Limited was incorporated in Jersey in 2002 with a vision to become the most profitable gold mining company in the region with a firm commitment towards safety, health and the environment, and social responsibility towards employees and communities. The company’s shares are traded on AIM in London under the symbol "HGM.L".

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is a global mining consultancy with offices in each mining region. SRK’s office in Russia opened in 2006 and employs more than 40 people. It provides specialist technical, due diligence and operational efficiency services. With over 20 Russian full-time and three international specialists based in Moscow, it can provide an unparalleled standard of advice through its combination of experience of international best practice, the latest technical software, knowledge of Russian regulations and operating conditions, and access to SRK’s global network. If you need a reliable solution and want a client-focused relationship, contact us at info@srk.ru.com.

Хорошая - Экология

Компания «Хорошая - Экология» занимается комплексным экологическим сопровождением горнодобывающих предприятий.

В компетенции нашей организации входит:

  • Инженерные изыскания и экологический мониторинг
  • Оценка воздействия предприятия на окружающую среду (ОВОС)
  • Разработка раздела проектной документации «Перечень мероприятий по охране окружающей среды» (ПМООС)
  • Разработка нормирующей и разрешительной документации (ПНООЛР, ПДВ, НДС, комплексное экологическое разрешение, паспорта отходов, договора водопользования и т.д.)
  • Экологический аутсорсинг – ведение документооборота в области экологической безопасности, представление интересов заказчика в госорганах.
  • Экоюрист – представление заказчика в суде и госорганах при разбирательстве административных дел в случае нарушения экологического законодательства.