Thanks to everyone who joined the flash mob and recorded their video greetings.

Your Video Greetings

We hope that this action will help us all in such a difficult period and support the spirit of the geological community. Geological, mining, engineering, legal, consulting companies, equipment manufacturers, officials. Great respect to all of you.

When we are united, we are invincible!

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The MINEX forum team wishes all geologists a happy Geologists Day!

Geology, like other industries, is going through critical times, comparable to the last century’s Great Depression and World Wars. However, the current crisis is different – we are fighting the invisible enemy – the Coronavirus, for which we cannot find the cure and feel defenceless. This invisible and incomprehensible threat triggers our natural reaction to hide or run away.

Instead of succumbing to the fear, MINEX Forum team chose to put up a good fight using the tools which have helped previous generations to overcome pandemics and crises.

They are:

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Cooperation
  • Mutual support
  • Trust
  • Innovative thinking

Every global crisis is followed by periods of rapid economic growth and qualitative changes which make our world stronger and better. We believe that the current crisis will end soon.

MINEX Forum proposes to combine resources to help preserve the integrity of mining industry and prepare ourselves and mining community for the challenges and tasks of the post-crisis recovery and growth.

Happy Geologist Day!

The timing of the holiday, the first Sunday in April, was chosen because it marks the end of winter and beginning of preparation for summer field work and expeditions.

In addition to geologists, many others involved in related fields also consider this day as their professional holiday and celebrate it.

Geologists Day is a professional holiday of geologists, geophysicists and geochemists. It is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of April. The establishment of this holiday was initiated by a group of prominent Soviet geologists headed by academician Alexander Yanshin. Following their initiative, the Geologists Day was established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on March 31, 1966 to commemorate the achievements of Soviet geologists after discovery of the West Siberian petroleum province.

Source: Wikipedia.

Geologists Day is traditionally celebrated in almost all geological and mining organizations of the former Soviet Union with festivities starting at the end of preceding week. With tens of thousands of geologists from the former Soviet Union working around the world, the tradition of celebrating the Geologists Day is becoming more international.

«Happy Geologists Day 2020» Concert

Concert starts at 15:00 Moscow time.

Every year a concert of geology-themed songs is held in the State Geological Museum on Geologist Day. This time the concert takes place online.

Participants: Ivan Vdovin, Alexander Zharov, Yuri Lores, Sergey Matveenko, Pavel Plechov and Boris Shkursky, Alexander and Vladimir Fridenberg (Chizhi), Sergey Cherkasov.

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