James Davey

Consultant (Resource Geology)
SRK Consulting (UK)

James Davey (MESci, PhD, FGS) is a Consultant (Resource Geology) with academic and industry-focused experience of a range of deposit styles including sediment-hosted Cu-Co-(Ag-Pb-Zn), layered ultramafic PGE, orogenic Au and industrial minerals. James has five years of postgraduate experience, working on exploration projects and mine sites in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and the USA. James is a competent user of Leapfrog Geo and has completed Mineral Resource estimations and due diligence studies for a range of commodities and deposit styles including gold, iron, phosphate and other industrial minerals.

In his PhD research, James focused on hydrothermal fluid chemistry and fertility indicators in a range of sediment-hosted copper districts, including the Central African and Kalahari Copperbelts. He has expertise in field geology, geochemistry and basin fertility analysis and has presented at academic conferences in Europe and the USA. James has also taught economic geology field courses in the UK and Spain.