Past Events

75th Anniversary of the End of World War II

9 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, which split the world into supporters of fascism and the countries that stood in its way. Humanity has paid a bloody price for not being able to prevent that War. 57 world countries with a population exceeding 1.7 billion people plunged into the war. The countries of the former Soviet Union suffered the most losses, having lost more than 28 million people. In Russia, the war claimed 13,950,000 lives. Germany lost more than 7 million people. In total, more than 71 million people died in the Second World War. The war destroyed families, cities, and nations. The cultural heritage of previous generations was irretrievably lost. The war destroyed masterpieces of art and architecture. It destroyed the economy of most European countries. The recovery of the losses inflicted by the Second World War continues 75 years after its end.

Past Events

Improving the Public Perception of Mining

20 April 2020

The public perception of mining is an issue many different organisations are wrestling with at the moment, the need being heightened by the dwindling number of students applying to study earth science courses at universities in many countries. Quite frankly mining has a dreadful public perception and in many countries, miners probably rival bankers and politicians for the most untrusted people. If we want to correct this misconception and get more (or perhaps more importantly better) students studying geology and mining then we need to be proactive and stress the importance and positive aspects of mining, particularly at the present time.

Past Events

The Impact of COVID19 on the Russian Gold Mining Industry

14 April 2020

How did COVID19 affect the Russian gold mining industry? The Bank of Russia announced the suspension of gold purchases. Is a decrease in demand for gold expected from other central banks? What is impact supply chain, logistics and financing due to the crisis? How did the crisis affect the geological exploration planned for this season? Will the current crisis lead to industry consolidation? How long will the recovery take? What will be changes in to risk management when COVID19

Experts and managers of gold mining enterprises will share their views and answer questions from online audience.

Past Events

International Geologists Day

5 April 2020

Geology, like other industries, is going through critical times, comparable to the last century’s Great Depression and World Wars. However, the current crisis is different – we are fighting the invisible enemy – the Coronavirus, for which we cannot find the cure and feel defenceless. This invisible and incomprehensible threat triggers our natural reaction to hide or run away.

Instead of succumbing to the fear, MINEX Forum team chose to put up a good fight using the tools which have helped previous generations to overcome pandemics and crises.

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