Forthcoming Events

MINEX Europe 2020

3 June 2020 – Central & Eastern Europe
1 July 2020 – Northern & Western Europe
2 July 2020 – Southern Europe
Online Event

Founded in 2015, MINEX Europe Forum offers vibrant platform for dissemination of innovative technologies and promoting investment opportunities and best practices for mining and exploration across Europe.

The previous MINEX Europe Forums have been held in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia and Austria. These forums have brought together local mining communities and international companies to facilitate cross-border dialogue on developing sustainable mining industries in the Balkans Region and wider Europe.

Forthcoming Events

MINEX Russia 2020

6-8 October 2020 – Moscow, Russia

MINEX Russia was incepted in 2005 over the years has become one of the largest and most significant mining events in the country. Organised in 2019 the Forum brought together over 800 participants and 180 speakers. Over 90 companies exhibited at the trade show which attracted over 1000 visitors.

Forthcoming Events

MINEX Kazakhstan 2020

10-12 November 2020 – Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Held since 2010, MINEX Kazakhstan is one of the best-regarded major mining events in the county. The Forum is annually supported by the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, the UK Department for International Trade, International and National Mining Associations, as well as mining industry leaders and Investors.

Forthcoming Events

MINEX Eurasia 2020

30 November 2020 – London, UK

Established in 2012, the MINEX Eurasia Conference is the UK’s largest event which primary focuses on Mining Trade and Investment opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia and targets the UK and International capital markets, financiers and services. The conference is organised by Advantix Ltd, which has been running mining events under MINEX Forum trademark in Central Asia, Russia, China and Continental Europe since 2005.

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