MINEX Forum team performance to commemorate the 75 Anniversary of the end of the World War II

9 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, which split the world into supporters of fascism and the countries that stood in its way. Humanity has paid a bloody price for not being able to prevent that War.

57 world countries with a population exceeding 1.7 billion people plunged into the war. The countries of the former Soviet Union suffered the most losses, having lost more than 28 million people. In Russia, the war claimed 13,950,000 lives. Germany lost more than 7 million people. In total, more than 71 million people died in the Second World War. The war destroyed families, cities, and nations. The cultural heritage of previous generations was irretrievably lost. The war destroyed masterpieces of art and architecture. It destroyed the economy of most European countries. The recovery of the losses inflicted by the Second World War continues 75 years after its end.

In a 2004 resolution, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the Days of Remembrance and Reconciliation (8–9 May), which are dedicated to the memory of victims of World War II.

Today, we want to thank the veterans who have fought the war. Thank you for giving us peace and freeing the world of fascism!

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember your bravery and honor the memory of the dead.

No ideology should be higher than universal human values. No to wars and violence. Yes to peace and cooperation!

Happy Victory Day

MINEX Forum Team

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